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Aloha and Ho`oponopono!
You are welcome to view and participate in the search for true ONENESS.
We Are All One.



  me ke Aloha

The Hawai`ian Way of Ho`oponopono is

 A Deep & Profound Karmic Cleansing

Done only with Love

I am so lucky to live in the paradise of Hawaii, but I used to live in another paradise known as the Marshall Islands where I became ulbobo. Ulbobo means "magically lucky."

As an Acupuncturist, retired, and Marshallese Katomlap, I have an extensive background and lifelong experience to help you discover your own form of being

"Magicially Lucky". 

~ Keola Ulbobo

The Big Island, aka Hawaii, Hawaii

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Keola was my spiritual advisor and personal tour guide at Hawaii Volcano's National Park. The experience of witnessing Creation changed my life. Hawaii is special and Keola is a Gift.

Analise Boykin

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A Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Unihipili

I will guide you toward a greater knowledge of your individual experience of this lifetime. Getting to know your Unihipili will allow you to have help on hand at any moment. I use the Ho`oponopono process of karmic cleansing and The Rainbow of Pure Divine Light to guide you in releasing from your body any conflicts, disturbances, or tensions that may have resulted from your millions of aka cord connections to other people and places that may be a hindrance to you in present time.

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Psychic Interview for Your Personal Inner Advisor Realization

By using the "Psychic Interview for Unihipili Realization", we will be able to teach you how to use the Ho'oponopono process to guide your "Life Path".



Personal Health & Wellness Consultation

I have found over many years of practice, that there is always room for improving both your spirit and your physical health. I know that there is no other person that can help you more than yourself. Allow me the opportunity to show you how you can change your life for the better by following the old "Don't Worry - Be Happy" rule!

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Ho`oponopono me ke Aloha! You can contact me at your convenience to see how I might be of service to you.

(808) 987-2427



by Keola G.A. Downing



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