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You are welcome to view and participate in the search for true ONENESS.


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  me ke Aloha

I learned the Hawaiian Way of Ho`oponopono from my teacher, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna (Shaman) and Founder of the modern-day form of Ho`oponopono.

Ho`oponopono is a Deep & Profound Karmic Cleansing that is performed only with Love.

I am so lucky to live in the paradise known as HawaiI, but I used to live in another paradise known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands where I became ULBOBO.

Ulbobo means "Magically Lucky".

As an Acupuncturist (retired) and Marshallese Katômlap (Go-Between), I have an extensive background and lifelong experience to help you discover your own form of being

~ Katômlap, Keola Downing

The Big Island, aka Hawaii, Hawaii

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  • Available Online
    A Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Unihipili
    1 hr
    65 US dollars
  • Available Online
    Psychic Interview for Your Personal Inner Advisor Realization
    1 hr
    75 US dollars
  • Available Online
    Personal Health & Wellness Consultation
    1 hr
    90 US dollars
  • Available Online
    How to Get Rid of the Demons in Your Subconscious Mind
    Duration Varies
    45 US dollars
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"Aibwoj ilo Meto"

"Sweet Water At Sea" a book by Keola Downing

Keola is a Marshallese Katômlap (Go-Between), of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, where he served in the Peace Corps 1973 - 1977.

SWEET WATER AT SEA us a book about Keola's experiences in the Marshall Islands, specifically over a span of 10 years when he lived on the island of Tarwa.

Keola learned to speak the Marshallese language and is rated, today, as a "Native Speaker".

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The Final Years of Majuro

DOCUMENTARY (Total Running Time ~ 1 hour)

This is a documentary about a place where Climate Change is VISIBLE, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, where I served in the Peace Corps as a young man. 

(Click on the Play Button (red box with the white arrow inside) to watch the video.)

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