Aloha,  My name is
Keola Downing 

Join me for your psychic reading!

Crystal Ball Readings!
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Private Telephone Reading
$50.00 for a Full Reading
$25.00 for a Half Reading
(Full Reading = One Hour -Your Call)


Hello there!   I use three Crystal Balls to look into the secret reality within you . . .
The first Crystal Ball is a Lead Crystal Sphere for looking into your past history. This includes this lifetime and your genetic history backwards in time. This is where I look for information on "Past Lifetimes" as well!

Next I use a Rutilated Quartz Sphere to look into the physical body including the Mind and any Stress related problems.

Finally I use a small Madagascar Optical Quartz Sphere to look into the Inner Person. This is what Hawai'ian tradition calls, the "Unihipili".  It is often called the "Inner Child" in modern psychology.

This part of my reading is particularly important.

The Inner Being of every person holds all the memories and all the connections to all the lifetimes. This is what the Hawai'ians refered to as, "Mana" or "Your Spiritual Purpose for this Lifetime".

I look forward to helping you to realize the truth within you about your life and your spiritual reality.

Mahalo Nui Loa . . .