Me Ke Aloha

Deep & Profound

Karmic Cleansing with Love


Pu'u O'o

The source of the lava that flows all the way to the sea!


Some seven miles away, a system of lava tubes releases red lava into the sea. This remarkable event can be seen a few miles from the end of the Chain of Crators Road. The red lava from Pu'u O'o cannot be seen in this picture. It enters the sea a few miles to the right of the edge of this shot. It is a difficult and dangerous walk from the end of the road to where you could see the flow. Today the flow from Pu'u O'o continues to enter the sea, but the delta that is formed at the sea entrance is very unstable.  Explosive events at this location make it very hazardous, and visitors are advised not to go to this area.  The entire sea end of the flow often breaks off and falls into the sea.  The sand which is formed from the frothing lava and sea water at the water's edge continue to make this entire area unstable and too dangerous for people to visit.

Welcome to my Ho'oponopono Page

Here on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

I hope to share with all of the people of this beautiful planet, the spirit of Aloha!

Aloha is the Hawai'ian word for

The loving breath of the Gods

That is the beauty and energy of this very special place.

You can read my short story (apx 30 pages) if you like.
This might be a way for you to get a feel for the Way of Life of the Island People from before. This document will also explain about the process of Ho'oponopono Me Ke Aloha.

Keola and the Kahuna

For information about learning
The Ho'oponopono Process
Please have a look at:
The Foundation of "I" Website!

As an example of how to use the Ho'oponopono Pule,

I have documented the daily practice that I do.

(Click here to see this prayer form.)

This is a practical way which can be used everyday to cleanse and release Etheric Body Ties to other times and places.When you just want the cleansing effect without the difficulty of learning about it, you can have the process done for you by a practitioner.

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