The 21 day Vegan Fast Description

After being a part of Dr. Cayenne’s workshop on “Self Realization Through Therapeutic Writing”, I lost so much weight that people wanted me to tell a little bit about the diet which was a part of that program.  Below you will find that information.

Three days before you begin your starting fast, place one package of pitted un-sulphured dried prunes with ½ cup of raw sunflower seeds in a sealed glass half gallon jar. The fruit and the seeds will soak in the water that you fill the jar with. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator until you use them. Because the water contains a lot of the nutrient of the mixture, you can use and then replace a little bit of the prune liquid each time you take your prunes out. Always keep the water-seed-prunes mixture in the same ratio.

On the first day and for the following 7 days, use the mixture above along with fresh papayas, bananas, mangoes, apples, or other fruit to make yourself a smoothie in the blender. You can have a large glass of the fruit smoothie at least 3 or 4 times during the day as desired. Don't go to far, but don't allow yourself to get hungry or weak either. When you feel yourself hungry, just make another smoothie.

Do not eat anything else for the full 7 day fast. During this time, you can also have an herbal tea at any time whenever you are thirsty. The more the better, and fresh water is always good. The idea being that we are working to remove any constipation, which most people have in varying degrees. Almost everybody will pronounce that they do not have any constipation, but if you are at all overweight, you in fact are at least minimally constipated.

During the first week, your bowel movements should increase greatly so you should get lots of rest, because you will be losing lots of waste and toxins which are both a burden on the body. Be quiet and in retreat during this time. Your energy level may alter somewhat, so don't try to do too much work.

The first 7 day fast is to crack the body's regular pattern and practice of eating. For a period of at least 21 days there after, and possibly as long as 2, 4, or even 6 months, you must limit your food intake to match only your hunger. This means that you are going to learn how to listen to your body and only eat when hungry. Do not starve yourself, and eat at any time if you feel yourself reaching the point of hunger, but quit eating just as soon as you are minimally satisfied.

Here is another big one! Only eat a pure vegetarian diet. No meats, eggs, butter or dairy products like milk or cheese. At least during the first 21 days, stay on a pure vegan diet with determination. When you need more protein, find veggie protein like tofu or tempeh ( made from soy or wheat gluten).

The ideal is to match the macrobiotic diet. The emphasis of macrobiotic eating should be on short grain brown rice. This should make up about 60% of your diet. The other 40% should be fresh raw vegetables, beans (tofu) or vegetable juice.

Typical of this diet would be a small portion of rice with a small salad of lettuce, cucumber, celery, tomatoes or other salad makings. To this you can add a small portion of tofu cooked without oil or fat of any kind. The salad and rice are self explanatory, but when it comes to cooking the tofu without oil use the following techniques.

Slice the tofu quite thin - no more than 1/4 inch thick. Act just like you are frying the tofu, only use a Teflon skillet so that you can proceed with little or no oil. Of course the tofu can be eaten raw with the salad, and prepared tofu bars like teriyaki, or barbeque tofu will also work.

When you make the salad, the rice, and the tofu, you can use fresh raw garlic (elephant garlic is more mild), cumin, and cayenne pepper powder to flavor the various parts. Most health food stores have all of the above materials, as well as many brightly flavored speciality products like miso (soy paste), pesto (garlic and basel paste), and humus (garbanzo bean paste). These will add flavor and zest to the fresh vegetables.

Sea weed in all of it's forms is also good to help flavor up soups and the rest of your food. You can make roll ups from nori (seaweed sheets) in which you can add all of the same kind of ingredients mentioned above. Be sure to cook the nori sheet by toasting it on a burner very lightly. As if you were making sushi rolls, spread two or three table spoons of brown rice, tabooli (a wheat and veggie preparation), or couscous (wheat pellets cooked like malt-o-meal cereal) on the nori and then add your choice of sprouts, shredded carrots, beets, pickles, tofu, avocado, olives, ginger, or anything else that you might fancy that is pure vegan in nature.

The roll ups will fill you up when you are particularly hungry. In the mornings, use the mixture of seeds and dried fruit (prunes, raisons, or other dried fruit will all do fine) along with fresh apples, papayas, bananas, mangoes, etc for your breakfast. Wait until about 10:00AM to do your breakfast. Then at about 4:00PM have your main meal.

Emphasize the salads and brown rice for your main meal, and keep all eating to a minimum, but don't make yourself so hungry that you cheat later in the day. Beware of the television, which will convince you that you are indeed hungry, when you are not. They pay people millions of dollars to trick you into thinking that you are actually hungry with their very carefully produced adds. Only watch videos or non-commercial TV until you get a handle on your appetite.

Most people end up with bad plumbing sooner or later, so here is the recipe for a tonic tea. In a large pot, cook 1cup of white oak bark, 1cup of licorice root (cut not powdered), and 1 cup of chickweed. These things must be brought to a fierce boil and then simmer for an hour. After the tea is no longer boiling, but still quite hot, add Ko'oko'olao or Mamaki tea, by spreading enough to cover the surface of the pot. On top of that sprinkle out a thin layer of catnip, Saint John's wort. Finally for fragrance use camomile flowers, chrysanthemum flowers, or any fragrant flower tea as a top flavor. If you can find it cover the entire mixture with a layer of corn silk and bring everything back to a very light boil.

The corn silk is used to hold everything else down below it together like a hair net, so that after it comes just to a boil you can turn off the heat and let it sit for at least an hour. Careful handling will keep the corn silk over the entire mixture which will allow you to slowly pour out the tea beneath without disturbing the mixture. This way you will be able to add more water and make the tea again at least two more times. The final yield should be at least a gallon of tea which will last quite a while.

In a nutshell:

White oak bark = improvement of urinary function

Chick weed = improvement of bowel function

licorice root = sweet mild flavor to help smooth any bitterness.

Remember to boil this mixture hard first before you add the other tea 

* * * *
Mamaki and Ko'oko'olao are two of the best herbal teas from here in Hawaii. Note:  Any kind of good quality herbal tea can also be substituted for these Hawaiian tonic teas.

Catnip = improvement of sleep

Saint John's wort = improvement of attitude and anti-depression

Camomile, mint or any other fresh smelling flower tea is used to put a fragrant top on the tea so that it smells good and the corn silk keeps everything in place.

When you cook the tea for round two and three, add a few leaves of the Mamaki or Ko'oko'olao to refresh the flavor. Without it added the second and third round of the tea will not taste as good as the first.

Here is another clue. The first round of the tea will be very strong and the second and third round will be less and less. I find it best to only drink the first round hot and not very much of that even so. When you have finished the first round set it aside, and when you finish cooking it the second and third time, join all the tea together so that they all benefit from the strength of the first tea, but have a mild taste over all. If you don't do this, the first round will be too strong, and the third or later round will taste too weak.

When making tea, use only stainless steel or glass pots. Herb tea doesn't like metal so use glass containers and wooden spoons. All natural all mellow flavor.

We live in the tropics, so I don't like to leave the tea out overnight. I start in the morning and cook the tea three times all on the same day, (in Chinese medicine, we only cook herbal tea three times) and this way it will never give off a spoiled or old taste. This is only my own preference, but you will no doubt find that it is true. When the tea is left in the pot overnight, it will become bitter and not as good to taste.

There has been a lot of discussion about tea, because tea is what you should drink all day long. You can dilute it with water if it is too strong, and any ingredient can be left out if it is not to your taste. Remember that the licorice root is how you cover the very bitter taste of the white oak bark. Licorice root itself has a strong flavor though, so I hope you like it. It seems to make the tea sweet. Judge for yourself how much to use.

If you find that you are not losing weight, or the weight loss has slowed down, you can go back to the fruit smoothie fast for a few days. You can also go to a vegetable juice drink at any time as well. For the pure veggie drink, juice carrots, beets and celery together as an example. Each large glass of veggie drink counts as a meal, and you can even have two or three corn tortillas or a few crackers with it.

You may want to get into "Rice Dream", which is a milk like drink made from brown rice, the basic mainstay of the macrobiotic diet. You can make a very good white drink by blending fresh cucumber (about 4 in.), raw garlic (one clove), and a couple of table spoons of sunflower seeds. To add zest, shake in a little of the cayenne and cumin to taste. It sounds strange, but is quite delicious.

If you find that you are always hungry, you can also add oatmeal early in the morning before you drink your smoothie. When I do this, I can go to 3 or 4 in the afternoon without even thinking about food! Another trick for killing that overbearing appetite is to make a brown rice soup. Here is how you make that.

Add a cup of cooked brown rice to the blender and enough rice dream to cover it. Blend until quite smooth and bring it to a light boil on the stove. You can also add one carrot and half an onion. When this soup is cooked and then cooled off a little bit, cut up spinach, kale, or collard greens along with raw garlic and cumin and put all of it back into the blender to blend it smooth again. When the mixture is again smooth and well blended, you can take it back to the stove to make sure it is still hot, but don't cook it! Wow! It really tastes great and you can again eat a couple of tortillas with it for the early power breakfast or even as a main meal. Don't exceed 4 tortillas at any one time. Cut the tortillas into 4 triangle pieces each. 16 tortilla chips doesn't sound like a lot, but it will make a small basket of chips (baked not fried) to have with your drink or soup.

Change everything I have said to suit your own taste and add saltiness by using celery or if you must add salt itself, use the Hawaiian Sea Salt. Another way to get your salt craving under control is to eat pickles, sauerkraut, or olives. Avoid salted crackers, nuts, or other products that have salt added.

None of the information above will insure you loose weight unless you exercise every day. As a suggestion, get an exercise bike or walk. When you walk, start with a short walk and increase each day until you are walking about 1 or 2 miles. I am up to 6 miles myself (and I don't like to sweat or exercise at all!) so you can get there little by little. Every day I walk 6 miles and do at least 6 miles on the stationary bike as well. When you start out, just do the stationary bike 4 times a day spread out during the whole day and evening. It does not matter even if you only ride it for 2-5 min. That too will increase as you go little by little. Now I can do 6 miles on the bike in about half an hour and I try to do two or three sets of that each day along with the walking. Both are good, but with as much rain as we have here, the bike insures that at least some exercise will be done every day. I got my bike from Sears for about $250.00 and is by far the most important part of my success. I put it right in front of the TV/Stereo and it makes the exercise part of the diet a realistic "do it every day" reality.

Our program also included a massage every day of the week or at least 5 times per week. If you are dieting with a partner give each other the massages. You can also give yourself the massage if you are alone. The massage is done with a small amount of pure cayenne oil mixed with other oils to heat up the body's metabolism. I can instruct you on how to make the oil if you want to learn that.

We also take two 00 capsules of Aloe Vera powder every day to keep the bowels moving. This is available at Herbs of Mexico in California.

I cannot suggest that it is right for everyone, and it may cause some irritation to the elimination tract. Rolling cramps can occur if the dosage of aloe powder is too much. Diarrhea and dehydration due to too frequent bowel movements can cause itching of the anus. However, it you hang in there and drink lots of tea and water, you can pass a lot of your heaviness out of your bowels and end up a more active person who can exercise more than ever and still maintain a good energy level. When that happens, you will loose some weight.

Don't expect too much, especially if you can't afford to have a massage 5 days a week. Learn how to give yourself a massage and include a little added pure cayenne oil to what ever kind of oil you use to massage with. Cover up after application of the oil and lay very still. You will get quite hot and then calm down after a while. The increase in your metabolism will help you to move forward with your exercise which along with the vagan diet will lead to success.  Make your own Coconut Cayenne Massage Butter -

Aloe Vera is very important, but the tea will help in the same way if you don't have any Aloe Vera powder. Right now I do two 00 caps ofAloe Vera powder every Mon, Wed, & Fri, and one 00 cap of Aloe Vera powder and one 00 cap of Cayenne powder every Tues, Thurs, and Sat. On Sunday, I do two 00 caps of Aloe Vera, and one 00 cap of Cayenne. These things are better done with a physicians advise, since they basically give you more or less permanent loose bowels. This speeds up the process, and if you are very constipated you might need to do this too.

Otherwise you can just follow the instructions above and take a little more time to get the same results. Remember that being a vegetarian is easy to do and you can also include fish (after the first 21 day vegan fast) since we live so close to the sea. We don't drink much alcohol any more, and we always try our best to get lots of rest. After a few months you can return to some of your original diet, but don't let yourself slip back into bad habits, like fast foods and too much TV commercials. Those things will destroy your best efforts. Good Luck and keep in touch.